We create high quality, hand crafted, interactive experiences with a strong focus on usability. To help keep everything looking beautiful we also offer some rather smashing imaging services.

Our Interactive Services


Hand crafted online experiences

Our websites are designed with fluidity & usability in mind; using responsive design techniques which allow them to be just as usable on a mobile phone as they are on a widescreen TV or ten year old laptop. We offer anything from small tweaks on an existing site to large scale projects employing full e-commerce and content management solutions.


Livery carefully tailored to you

Whether maintaining your existing brand or working closely with you to craft a new one from scratch, we know how important a strong sense of identity is. We can help to create a solid logo, colour & typography set as well as a photographic and writing style. All seamlessly unified across your website, your blog and your social media.


Pulling out all the stops

For big ideas both on and offline. Using HTML 5, javascript, Flash, PHP and other technologies we can create truly immersive and unique experiences. Motion graphics, beautiful data visualisations, real time visual fx, interactive audio and video. The more crazy the idea, the more excited we are to work on it!


Bespoke apps for mobile and desktop

High quality, beautiful applications for iOS, Android, Windows or Mac platforms. Using Adobe Air and web technologies we can build apps to tie in seamlessly with your website; offering users additional functionality or acting as a personal portfolio. Or we can create elegant standalone applications to your specification.

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Previous Clients

Before founding Tedworth & Oscar we worked for a rather sizeable range of clients, big and small. Here are just a few of the names you may have heard of:

BRP Hyundai Jaguar Land Rover NABS Porsche

Previous Interactive Work

Below are a handful of the interactive projects we completed prior to Tedworth & Oscar. If you'd like to see some more examples of our work or to see something a little more specific; please get in touch and we'll put something together for you post-haste.

(Some of this work was created whilst working at Event Technologies - A thoroughly great bunch who specialise in data capture and interaction for live events.)

Now, might we recommend a quick visit to see our imaging services?

Or perhaps you would like to contact us?